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End-to-end secure personal devices

Code Talker

End-to-end voice privacy:
Works over any existing voice transport - if you can talk, you can use Code Talker;

Works with anything using a wired or Bluetooth headset:
Use it with cellphone, landline, radio, laptop, tablet, desktop;

Works with phone calls and all VoIP apps:
Use it with any app that you use today - regular phone calls, Skype™, Viber™, Telegram™, Signal™, Zoom™, softphones, Google Voice™;

Has encryption entirely contained within the sealed device:
The external equipment is not involved in the privacy provisioning, or aware of it. It treats Code Talker as a regular headset.

xTechSearch 4.0 evaluations:
"Impressive civilian adoption or potential."
"Credible scientific basis for presented approach."

Our Philosophy: Distributed Security in Personal Hardware

Traditional approaches to cyber security possess fundamental weaknesses rooted in their inherent complexity (millions of lines of code), necessity to trust multiple actors, and concentration in attractive points of attack. As the number of bugs per lines of code is relatively constant, the complexity assures a constant flow of zero-day exploits. Likewise, operating system vendors, silicon OEMs, backend server operators, and thousands of personnel across vendor organizations need to be vetted. Ubiquitous concentration points (servers) present honeypots that attract attackers.

While compliance is achieved, rarely is the actual security.

To address these issues we present new paradigm based on simplicity and distribution, as the way to mitigate zero days, reduce trust requirements and dramatically lower the attack surface. Verirand Inc. creates devices that transparently interface the networked world providing personal layer of privacy. We introduce minimalistic and distributed server-less security implementations, starting with end-to-end secured voice communications over any existing voice infrastructure, enabling privacy and a drop-in operational security with zero integration effort.

Yours forever: no accounts, no subscriptions, no backends.